Etching a Fine Line Between Light and Dark

Lefties Will Never Get It

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The reason is their every mental heartbeat is class warfare.

In the fog of  waging war there will be blindness and also the sometimes tragic accidents of unintended consequences.
Add to the confusion of wilfully self -inflicted misinformation the bitterness of mean spiritedness, and the result is  unsavoury.

Any fresh bud which dares to unfold into a flower of free, honest thought processes, and noble feeling, is spat upon.
The socialist machine grinds mercilessly through the ranks of the hopeful, wherever they surface.

Contrary to their claims to move with modern times, Marxists are bogged down in an ignominious past which never achieved anything humankind now wish to follow.
All the struggle for equality has been , and will continue to be, prosecuted by those of all or no ideology.
Struggles were hijacked by extreme “workers” movements, which misrepresented “workers”.

Progress is a human drive, and everywhere communities have developed forms of capitalism to build their prosperity.
No more effective system than the marketplace has been discovered to better feed, clothe and educate societies.

It is the duty of capitalists,  from housewives to bankers and politicians, to ensure the marketplace remains true to its “nature”.
Distorting its scientific workings, based straightforwardly upon supply and demand, is a path to disaster.

If 2 + 2 adds up to anything other than 4 it must be a lie.
How fascinating that if humans attempt to live a falsehood they will self-destruct!
At many levels of existence…

But Lefties just don’t get it.

(To be continued…)


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