Etching a Fine Line Between Light and Dark

A Child’s Guide to Economics

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Lesson One:
In a market place there are two traders, side by side, selling from their stalls.
Their tomatoes and cucumbers are identical in quality and presentation.
( They source their produce from the same supplier.)
One trader is selling for noticeably less than the trader next to him.
Now try telling any housewife to spend her hard-gainedmoney buying the more costly wares.

Must 2 + 2 always add up to 4, for the sake of economic integrity?

Lesson Two:
The housewife chooses to support the more expensive trader, even though it will cost her dear.Because a separate motive has intervened.
She wants him to marry her daughter because he is handsome and good-natured and will make a good son-in-law.
The consumer is looking to the future well-being of her extended family.

Question 2
Can the manipulativeness of a socialist system ever  result in Utopia?

Lesson Three:
The handsome trader marries the daughter but turns out to be idle and useless.
He will always be a waste of space.
Her  family are now worse off than before, and with more mouths to feed.
She made a wrong call, based upon human judgment.
They all pay the price.

Question 3
Where next for political engineering of a pure science?

Tomato, Cucumber, Garlic And Parsley


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