Etching a Fine Line Between Light and Dark

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Lefties Will Never Get It


The reason is their every mental heartbeat is class warfare.

In the fog of  waging war there will be blindness and also the sometimes tragic accidents of unintended consequences.
Add to the confusion of wilfully self -inflicted misinformation the bitterness of mean spiritedness, and the result is  unsavoury.

Any fresh bud which dares to unfold into a flower of free, honest thought processes, and noble feeling, is spat upon.
The socialist machine grinds mercilessly through the ranks of the hopeful, wherever they surface. Continue reading

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A Child’s Guide to Economics

Lesson One:
In a market place there are two traders, side by side, selling from their stalls.
Their tomatoes and cucumbers are identical in quality and presentation.
( They source their produce from the same supplier.)
One trader is selling for noticeably less than the trader next to him.
Now try telling any housewife to spend her hard-gainedmoney buying the more costly wares. Continue reading

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Does Everyone need a Gang?

Well, where does it all begin?
This identity thing?

Initially, from the security of the cradle, alarmingly under daily threat of loss?

Learning to trust the parent, and then looking for more of their like to protect and strengthen the tender years…
Feeling that safety in numbers develops and promotes identity…
Then establishing a community in which to prosper.

Finally, searching for that human pleasure, “Dignity”, for association with a story to take proudly to the grave.


and a dog?

and a dog?